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Clubfactory A Go Or No 

IMG 20171129 181818 986 1 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

Now you simply know that I shop a lot on social sites because I update  a lot about what I bought.  Mainly many people were asking about the clubfactory app how it work , my experience  and blah blah much more. 

Then I got an idea why not to post a full fleshed  experience  and of course how it works explanation  on my blog.  So here it is now I can just send this to friends and my fans of course I love you so much .

First of all my story how I came across  this clubfactory  app my brother wanted to buy something and then I bought  it , after that was just looking at the app saw extremely  affordable  products on this app and you know that is how I got stuck on this app , because  it is awsome to shop here. Then I came across a sale which was on clubfactory now they do lauch  so many offer thou,  this  makes it Sone Pe suhaga thing for us.  Well who don’t  love low price and free products. If you ask me I do love it a lot 😂. 

Jokes apart 😀🙌 let us be serious now. 

Gave a huge try to clubfactory and let me Show you pictures of it , to actually give you an idea   how it looks in real  .

PicsArt 10 14 09.26.24 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

IMG 20171016 154645 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

PicsArt 11 05 08.13.26 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

PicsArt 10 27 12.19.44 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

PicsArt 11 12 08.42.39 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

Now some proof that I actually bought these and of course some products I didn’t  show above because I gave it as a gift to somebody. 

Screenshot 2017 11 29 17 33 39 11 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

Screenshot 2017 11 29 17 33 35 93 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

Screenshot 2017 11 29 17 33 29 52 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

PicsArt 11 29 05.38.17 - Clubfactory A Go Or No 

The review and real life image (  lol ) of these products will be on my YouTube  channel do check that out ,and now today I am buying  more products from clubfactory  of course. 

I know ,I know you must be really confused about the quality of the products and this is why I am here to help you buddy .

My experience  with Clubfactory app

One word to say it is awsome if you participate  in sale which they offer  , who do not love free products  oh come on  everyone  does.  Of course you can find so many products  at lowest  price  , when I say lowest  I do mean lowest. Let me explain it in detail you want to buy a dress or bag you go to shop and they give you heart attack by telling you the price for example Rs 1500 for a long dress and 2000 for a leather bag well we all have gone threw  this. Then you come to clubfactory and saw same dress and leather bag in range below 1000 you will be shocked like hell well I was for sure…. Umm  hmm yup buddy I was shock. 

This is the story of that leather bag that you can see above in the pictures.  True that is , well this post is not sponsored  it is just I wanted to give answer  of queries  of the fans and friends. 

The quality is great for jwelery  of course you will never be Disappointed  with quality of jwelery,  secondly leather  bags they are of fine quality if you buy in the range of 300 and above, other helpful  gadgets were also of great quality,  clothing I must say if you think that 50 Rs top will be you are taking risk  buy something in range 200 and above,  shoes quality is awsome those boots  are my favorite buddy for real it is my favorite.

Now let us talk about how to buy what is best option to pay. 

Firstly  they gave you two options either, put the product  you like in cart to buy or just favorites  by clicking  that heart ,because  you love it that is why you wanna buy it Hehe.

They offer so many settings by which you can select the colour,  price range,  product  type, etc. 


How to do the payment ?

Simple, I always  prefer paytm because  it is the fastest  way to do the payment by just click,  yup only one click the otp is sent to you and bang payment done.  They also offer debit/credit payment but I find it time consuming,  cash on delivery is good if you have extra money to just give to them only 100 Rs extra they charge for it. 

Delivery  charges will be Rs 129 in India if your cart total  amount  is below 2000 of course yup Ohh yeh it is near 2000 . But another  news they only charge 129 not for each product but the whole cart so 129 will not hard you. Right????? 

Total Time of delivery ????? 

10 to 15 days,  let’s be serious you can check from where they ship it and the places were outside India. Yeh man it does take time buy patience  is what you need because the prices worth the patience. 

Overall  experience 

Awsome , will products from clubfactory  like crazy. For real it is awsome but first I need to check my bank account 😂, it worth the try you will get addicted to it. 


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 With love 

See you next time family 

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