Coyo Masterclass

First of all let me apologise because I was not able to post any blogpost since January 11 , was really busy with my work. But now I am back with some really great content to share .

I was invited in a event which was about a store, where we have to just see the chef making tasty dishes and after that a little tasting session also have to cover up the store to .

Yup , when it comes to food I act like a kid so ,basically what he did was used some really fresh products from the store and used them to make really tasty vegan recipe which i loved a lot .

It was fun around other blogger watching chef showing his skills while making Recipe a full Chiristmas delight .

Coyo masterclass is on the second floor , right to the escalator , in dlf Promanade Mall , gurugram the watchman was also so huble and thier workers to I love it the freshness of every product they have, a food counter where they make tasty delicious fresh food and also great variety and price . You will find everything which you need whether it is bear , cheese , fresh fruits and veggies, tea, etc.

Here are some yummy delights that they made with full description of everything .

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