In Color Matt me Lipstick 

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How are you all doing today,  well I was really frustrated  with my old lipstick,  so thought, why not to try out something  new which have new packaging  and style of its own.  Instagram  is a great mean when it comes to explore  new products introduced in market,  here the story starts while going threw  instagram  I saw this really nice lipsticks at the top of insta trendy feeds.  Yeh of course it was a lipstick which is called Incolor  Matt Me Lipstick . After going threw some honest reply  finally I made my mind to try this one.  So,  bought 2 shades but I noticed  one thing that some shades are really different from the number which show the specific shade never mind, I got the shade I want and also a freebee Nude Color Matt Me  Lipstick .

InColor  Matt  Me Lipstick 

wp image 1687354325 - In Color Matt me Lipstick 


Weightless liquid color with a velvety  matt finish. Earth shattering intense color  stays true for up to 24 hours.  How to apply use a good quality lip balm before application to save your lips from chapping and dryness. Clear the brush and apply a very small amount  because of highly  pigmented formula.

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What it claims : 

Matt Me is a matte finish liquid lipstick  that glides on in one smooth application, with no need for a second coat.

It is enriched with formula that gives a matte finish without drying your lips. It nourishes and moisturizes in addition to giving a deep rich colour.  The specially  formulated lip colour dosen’t fade away in heat or humidity giving you a long lasting smooth finish all day long. It is perfect for everyday use as it is enriched with olive extracts and Vitamin E.  Glam up your look with this long lasting vibrant lip color designed  to match every Indian  skin tone.

Price : Rs 290 to 330 /-

It is available on Instagram for Rs 250 without shipping charges . I got these from Online store, will leave the link of the online store.

Buy it from here : Amazon    ,     Flipkart  .

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My Experience With InColor  Matt Me Lipstick 

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Incolor  matt me lipstick  comes in a square  bottle with an applicator  brush. The packaging  is really impressive  to look at, and when it comes to the applicator  brush it is nice to hold and easy to apply lipstick smoothly on lips without any issues.

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It is a nice option if you have normal moisturised  lips but, for people who have dry chapped lips , I strongly  recommend  you to use a nice moisturising lip balm before applying lipstick . I know it claims that super moisturising  whatever  stuff  but it is little bit drying.  I felt drying  effect on my lips and  my mom also had same experience , after that I always use my  Maybelline baby lips lip balm and then apply this lipstick  .

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When it comes to the pigmentation  I must say it is really pigmented and in only one swipe you are done with nice pigmented lips.  It do build up on your lips if you have habbit of licking  your lips, like I do.  If your eat a lot like me then thier  is a problem,  it is not transfer proof so you will have your lipstick  on your food or even your partner  whom you kiss 😂😂 so Nah Ahh point.

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I suggest to to wear this lipstick only when you have some kind of occasion where you do not have to eat a lot then It will stay on your lips for 4 to 5 hr minimum . Both shade suits indian skin tone really well , 407 is pop red and orangish   in color and 408 is slightly redddish pink in color.


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Pros :

+ pigmented

+ nice travel  friendly  pacakaging

+ available  on online stores and instagram

  • nice applicator

Cons :

dry out lips

not transfer  proof


Final  Saying  and Rating :


May be I mean I love the pigmentation  of this lipstick  a lot. Yeh it Is little bit drying but this can be solved by applying  a nice lip balm on your lips before using the matt me lipstick . If your want to try  something  new then go for it or else thier is a better option in market which is the Miss Clair  Matt Me Lip Cream.

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  1. The drying out part is always a bummer when it comes to matte lipsticks. My lips quite often tend to be on the drier side. While the shades are pretty it is better for me to skip this.

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