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As you know we always want to invest in something which is reliable  and do our work really quick.


whenever  I had a photo shoot shoot or any gathering, my hair used to look really numb and that, somehow  didn’t  let me enjoy  the special moments in my life. Simply my hairstyle routine always took me ages to be done. So….. at last I made a decision, to buy a nice brush to help me style in less time. 

 While searching  I saw this round brush which is from the company  called Roots. It is not the first time that I am using any hair brush of this company, few year’s  ago I bought a paddle  brush of same company  and had really great time using it 😍😍. Those heavenly days  were awsome, my hair used to be really curly and paddle brush helped me a lot to manage those curly  hair by eliminating most of the curls whenever  I used to brush my hair.

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Roots professional Round  Hair Brush 
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Product description :

The Roots Professional Ceramic Barrel Brush features a ceramic coated barrel that emits negative ions and ensures even heat distribution to avoid damage to the hair, guaranteeing a silky, shiny and frizz-free finish.

Dimensions :

27.5 × 5.8 × 5.8 × cm ; 100 g

Size : Large

Price : Rs 445 /-

Direction to use :

Brush the hair from root to tip and style as required .

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My Experience with Roots Professional Round Hair Brush 

I always  wanted a brush which help me to style my hair, plus it will consume less time to blow dry  my hair and gives soft and shiny  finish.  I bought  this in discount period for Rs 350.

IMG 20170906 1252571 - Roots professional hair brush 

This is the first  blow-dry brush I bought. I must say this is a  steal deal brush, when it comes to giving that extra shine and bounce to your hair. Whether  you want straight  hair,  little textured hair,  or just soft little curls effect you can try pretty  much everything  with it.  The handle of the brush is comfortable and easy to hold, I have sweat issues but still I must say  had no problem while styling.

IMG 20170906 1249541 - Roots professional hair brush 

When it comes to bristles of the brush, they are of good quality and even  the highest  heat setting of blow dryer didn’t harm it at all , but make sure to never let it touch your scalp. I don’t know, may be it is just me or the bristles  are little bit though on the skin, but will not do and harm. 

PicsArt 09 06 12.38.281 - Roots professional hair brush 

 I mostly use it to blow-dry my hair and style my bangs well from ends, just to give it a waterfall kind of effect. Usually I apply little bit of aloevera  gel or water and  then use this brush with my hairdryer. You can try soft curls effect with it, by just rotating brush with soft hands and slowly pulling it out of hair.


Pros :

+ Comfortable to hold

+ Reduce blow-dry time 

+ Easy to use 

+ Durable

+ Handle does not catch heat

Cons :


Final saying and Rating :


I love this brush a lot,  it helped me a lot in my styling routine and will suggest you  to give it a try.  Yeh it may be little bit costly but believe  me it worth the price you pay. I mean who don’t want to try out new  hairstyles with less efforts . Tip  :p make sure to clean your brush once a week for hygiene  of hair and it will make brush more durable.

Note :

  1. if you want to buy paddle brush of same company then go for it. Lol it was broken a year ago so, no pics to show you guys . But still here you can buy Roots Paddle Brush
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If you want to see my simple styling  routine then this is the video  How I style my hair    . Make sure to see my  YouTube video.

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  1. I am kind of scared of using such type of brush on my hair since I have had a bad experience with such brush in past!! Glad it works fine for you.

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