Trip To Haridwar 

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Hello family!!

You remember  that I was not active on any social media for like 2 months,  now I will tell you why. I took some rest and had fun with family on trip to haridwar  and other places.

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We booked the bus in night and after long night travel  finally reached  Rishikesh . I must I felt like an ice cream because it was so cold out thier.  After that guide told us some rules and regulations so we went to top of the lane  with van where haridwar is located .

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After that got out of van I must say the scenery I saw thier was amazing. Love the fresh air and water,  it helped me heal many skin problems.

First guide told us about some mandir and we did Pooja after than we went straight to ram Jhula . The level  of my excitement  was on the peak  , so lovely dress powerful air  that pushed me like I am nothing seriously  dangerous  and awsome. My dad was so scared but he did it .

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Anyway  then we went to a shop where real vastu  stones and Christel’s  were  sold , and also they gave us information about each one of them with demo but I was not able to click pictures of it, because of the rules and regulations of that shop.

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After that next turn was of Lakshman Khula but boat is my favorite thing, and you know I love adventure. Did nothing just sat in boat, putting my hands in water and enjoying the feel of fresh water ( Vlog will be on my YouTube  channel)

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Next we went to the Snan area of haridwar where , I must say everybody was really excited  but yet scared of the cold water. Ask me I hold my breath  and closed my eyes and went straight to dupki  (Snan) , was not able to breath  ,shivering  all the along cliked  some pictures and laughed  at others when they took Snan.

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Well why to miss any opptunity  did shopping and went straight to clicking pictures.  Booked a cab did Pooja and head toward the bus.

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I must say if you think that chemical products or any other company products  heal you skin to the best then Nah I will challenge  it with the pure gangs water of haridwar because I didn’t use any product or facewash when I was thier but must say my skin was healed  and texture of my skin was amazing.  Pimples were gone,  and who don’t want to be fair right.  Lol other than this if you want a really great experience with family and want a fresh surrounding  for short  trips then you must try haridwar for sure.

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You will fall in love with it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

This was my short trip to haridwar, I hope you like it and if yes then share it as much as you can also make sure to subscribe  and follow me.

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  1. yehhh dear haridwar sachh… nyc place for god!! all over world…this place are relex of life and enjoy it…so keep it😊😊😊

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